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Dr David Doolan MBBS MBA FRACMA - Managing Director

David is a Specialist Medical Practitioner with extensive experience and a passion for leveraging technology with new ways of delivering health care to improve health outcomes. He is adept at guiding organisations through development of strategy and conducting successful selection and application of information technologies.

David's experience includes managing Patient Administration Systems, Electronic Medical Records and Medication Management, Health Information Exchanges and Electronic Health Records,and Primary Care and Community Health systems. He has been responsible for designing and managing system architecture for clinical systems across large and diverse organisations. David is experienced in designing and deploying telehealth and telemedicine solutions across large and small organisations and with individual clinicians and consumers.

David has also managed large and small hospitals, successfully prepared clinical service and information management plans for new capital developments, and worked as a hospital doctor in Australia and the UK, and as a Partner in General Practice.

In 2000 he was awarded a Harkness Fellowship in International Health Policy from the Commonwealth Fund in New York. David worked with leading experts across the US to research advanced EMR implementations and publish papers in peer reviewed academic journals.